Ralf Schindler


Full Professor (C4) of Set Theory

Institut für mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung

Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik

Universität Münster

Einsteinstr. 62

48149 Münster, F.R.G.

e-mail: rds at wwu dot de

(with the "at" replaced by "@," and the "dot" replaced by a dot)

phone: +49-251-83-33790 or +49-251-83-33761

fax: +49-251-83-33078

Erdös #: 2; Research interest: set theory.

Sprechstunde: n.V. (Zi. 804)


Contents: Publications, Manuscript by Ronald Jensen on fine structure, inner model theory, and the core model below one Woodin cardinal: the first 3 chapters are now online!, scripts + Übungszettel zur VL "Logik 3" im WiSe 2014--15, Notes and preprints, Service activities, Ph.D. students, Talks, Reviews, CV, some pictures, pictures of set theorists riding the logic bike.


See also here.


  1. Logische Grundlagen der Mathematik, Springer--Verlag 2009.
  2. Set theory. Exploring independence and truth, 332+x pp., Springer--Verlag 2014. You may order it here or here. Here is Schindler's list of errata, updated on Oct 08, 2018.
  3. (with John Steel) The core model induction (version as of April 12, 2013, with a correct proof of the existence of A-iterable mice): PDF.

Research papers:

  1. Prädikative Klassen, Erkenntnis 39 (1993), pp. 209–241.
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Survey/historical papers:

  1. Wozu brauchen wir grosse Kardinalzahlen? Mathematische Semesterberichte 53 (2006), pp. 65 - 80. PS
  2. Kurt Gödel (1906-1878), DMV-Nachrichten 14 (2006), pp. 42 - 45; English translation: Newsletter of the European Math. Society 62 (2006), pp. 29 - 31; Chinese translation: Mathematical Advance in Translation, vol. no. 4 (2010), pp. 338--342.

Manuscript written by Ronald Jensen on fine structure, inner model theory, and the core model below one Woodin cardinal

·  (typed by Martina Pfeifer) Preliminaries, Chap. 1, Chap. 2, Chap. 3.

Notes and preprints

  1. Handwritten script on the L hierarchy and the Jensen covering lemma (in German): Kap. 1, Kap. 2, Kap. 3, Kap. 4, Kap. 5, Kap. 6.
  2. The Delfino problem # 12, handwritten, 50 pages. (Talk at Bonn.) PDF. Link to Philipp Doebler's writeup of Steel's solution to the 12th Delfino Problem: PDF.
  3. Link to Benjamin Claverie's writeup of the Dodd--Jensen Covering Lemma below 0-dagger: PDF.
  4. (joint with J. Steel) The strength of AD (contains an outline of Woodin's core model induction, new version as of 07/04/06), preprint. PS, PDF.
  5. A note on an alleged proof of the relative consistency of P=NP with PA, preprint. PS, PDF. Cf. also here and there.
  6. A simple proof of \Sigma^1_3 correctness of K, preprint. DVI, PDF.
  7. Sharps and the \Sigma^1_3 correctness of K, preprint.DVI, PDF.
  8. From Wadge comparability to determinacy, preprint. PDF.
  9. ACA_0, Pi^1_1-CA_0, and the semantics of arithmetic, and BG, BG + Sigma^1_1-Ind, and the semantics of set theory, 10/17/02, note. PS, PDF.
  10. (with P. Schlicht) ZFC without parameters, PDF.
  11. Projective sets and large cardinals, handwritten, 28 pages. (Talk at Kiel.) PDF.
  12. On NS being saturated, PDF.
  13. Link to Sandra Uhlenbrock's writeup of an account of Woodin's HOD conjecture (in German): PDF.
  14. (with G. Fuchs, E. Schimmerling, F. Schlutzenberg, S. Uhlenbrock, T. Wilson) A weak (?) consequence of determinacy, PDF.
  15. (with Mariam Beriashvili) Bernstein sets don't give Vitali sets , Luzin and Sierpiński sets in N, and Realizing [...] as a symmetric model. PDF: Some pathological sets in a special model of set theory.
  16. (with Mariam Beriashvili) Bernstein set with a large continuum but no axiom of choice.
  17. A ZFC-example of a forcing which is semi-proper but not proper. The citation [Cox] refers to a posting by Sean Cox.
  18. A note on the reals of C*
  19. (with Grigor Sargsyan and Farmer Schlutzenberg) Varsovian models, II (1st part), Varsovian models, II (2nd part), Varsovian models, II (3rd part), Varsovian models, II (4th part), Varsovian models, II (5th part), Varsovian models, II (6th part), Varsovian models, II (appendix), Varsovian models, II (appendix 2) .
  20. (with Grigor Sargsyan) The number of Woodin cardinals in a core model.
  21. Bukowský and Varsovian models, HODL(R), Vopěnka, and Woodin's extender algebra, Vopěnka and Balcar on generic extensions.
  22. The triangular embedding theorem for L(R).
  23. A game theoretic characterization of remarkable cardinals.
  24. (with L. Wu and L. Yu) Hamel bases and the principle of dependent choice, preprint, PDF.
  25. (with M. Beriashvili) Mazurkiewicz sets, see also here.
  26. A model with everything except for a well-ordering of the reals.
  27. Groszek and Slaman on Prikry's problem.
  28. BPFA and the Π1 definability of NSω1 , (with Paul Larson and Liuzhen Wu) NSω1 is not Π1 definable, Addendum to "NSω1 is not Π1 definable".
  29. Sacks forcing preserves selective ultrafilters.
  30. A note on the < κ mantle.

Open problem lists

  1. LIST OF OPEN PROBLEMS IN INNER MODEL THEORY, edited jointly with John Steel, which comes with a Bibliography of inner model theory. Warning: COMPLETELY OUTDATED!!
  2. Links to a list of problems that was produced at the AIM meeting "Recent advances in core model theory," organized by E. Schimmerling and J. Steel in Dec 13-17, 2004: PDF, PDF.
  3. List of problems that was produced by Per Stinchcombe at the AIM meeting "Descriptive inner model theory," organized by R. Schindler and J. Steel in June 02-06, 2014: PDF.
  4. List of problems that was produced at the 1st Girona meeting on inner model theory, organized by R. Schindler, J. Steel, and J. Vergés in July, 2018: PDF.

Skripten zu Vorlesungen und Seminaren

  1. Skript zur Vorlesung "Logik 1", Version vom 14.07.2017: PDF-Datei. (Tipp-)Fehler bitte an rds at math dot uni-muenster dot de.
  2. Die auf dem Hochschultag am 13.11.2014 verteilten Logikrätsel als PDF-Datei.

Service activities

  1. Former co-editor of the Journal of Symbolic Logic (2008-2012).
  2. Editor-in-chief of the Archive for Mathematical Logic (2009-present).
  3. Co-editor of the Ontos Verlag series in Mathematical Logic (2013-present). Information for potential authors may be downloaded here.
  4. Co-editor of the Mathematische Semesterberichte.
  5. Secretary of the European Set Theory Society (2015-present).
  6. Former editor of the Münster Journal of Mathematics.
  7. Former treasurer of the IUHPS/DLMPS (International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science/Division of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science) (2008-2012)
  8. One of the former chairmen of the DVMLG, the German Logic Society (2008-2011).
  9. Organizer of our department's activity at the annual open house event, the Hochschultag Münster, 2006-present.
  10. Member of the Mathematics Panel of the Czech Science Foundation, Apr 01, 2019-March 31, 2021.
  11. Vertrauensdozent der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. Fotos von einem Treffen mit meiner Stipendiatengruppe, 2006. 2007. 2008. Stockholm, 2009. Eiskeller Altenberge, 2017.
  12. Co-organizer (with R. Jensen and M. Magidor) of a mini-workshop in inner model theory, Apr 30 - May 06, 2006, Oberwolfach.
  13. Co-organizer of the Logic Colloquium, July 27 - Aug 2, 2006, Nijmegen.
  14. Co-organizer (with E.Schimmerling) of a mini-symposium in set theory during the DMV meeting, Bonn, Sept 18-22, 06.
  15. Organizer of the PohlersFest, July 17-19, 2008, Münster. Pictures!
  16. Co-organizer of the 2nd European Set Theory Conference (Bedlewo, Poland), July 6-10, 2009.
  17. Co-organizer (with R. Jensen and M. Magidor) of a mini-workshop in inner model theory, Nov 08 - 14, 2009, Oberwolfach.
  18. Co-organizer (with J. Steel) of the 1st conference on the core model induction and hod mice in Münster, July 19 -- Aug 06, 2010.
  19. Co-organizer of the Colloquium Logicum, Münster, Sept 22-24, 2010.
  20. Co-organizer (with J. Steel) of the 2nd conference on the core model induction and hod mice in Münster, Aug 08 -- Aug 19, 2011.
  21. Seminar im Rahmen der Sommerakademie der Studienstiftung in Neubeuern 2013
  22. Co-organizer, with J. Steel, of the Descriptive inner model theory meeting at the American Institute of Mathematics, Palo Alto, June 02-06, 2014.
  23. Co-organizer, with J. Steel, of the Mitchell fest, Berkeley, June 07-08, 2014.
  24. Co-organizer, with J. Steel, of the Descriptive inner model theory meeting, Berkeley, June 09-13, 2014.
  25. Co-organizer of the 5th European Set Theory Conference (Cambridge, England), Aug 24-28, 2015.
  26. Co-organizer (with J. Steel) of the 3rd Münster conference on inner model theory, the core model induction, and hod mice, July 20 -- 31, 2015.
  27. Co-organizer of the Logic Colloquium 2016, Leeds.
  28. Co-organizer (with M. Magidor and J. Väänänen) of an Intensive Research Program on "Large Cardinals and Strong Logics", CRM, Bellaterra (Catalunya), Sept 05--Dec 16, 2016.
  29. Co-organizer (with I. Farah, S. Friedman, and W.H. Woodin) of a workshop in set theory, Oberwolfach, Feb 12--18, 2017.
  30. Co-organizer (with J. Steel) of the 4th Münster conference on inner model theory, July 17 -- Aug 01, 2017.
  31. Co-organizer (with M. Magidor, J. Steel, and W.H. Woodin) of a set theory conference, WWU Münster, Aug 02--Aug 04, 2017.
  32. Co-organizer (with J. Steel and J. Vergés) of the 1st Girona conference on inner model theory, July, 2018.
  33. Member of the scientific committee of the Third International Conference "Modern Problems in Applied Mathematics," Tbilisi , Sept, 2018.
  34. Co-organizer (with J. Steel) of the Berkeley conference on inner model theory, July, 2018.
  35. Co-organizer (with I. Farah, D. Sinapova, and W.H. Woodin) of a workshop in set theory, Oberwolfach, Apr 05--11, 2020.

Undergrad students

  1. Diploma theses: Benjamin Claverie (2005), Philipp Doebler (2006), Thilo Weinert (2008), Philipp Lücke (2008), Dominik Adolf (2008), Marek Wyszkowski (2009), Carsten Szardenings (2010), Jakob Rittberg (2010), Max Giersberg (2010), Tobias Förster (2012), Max Temme (--), Barzin Hadjimoradi (2015).
  2. Bachelor's theses: Sandra Uhlenbrock (2010), Jan Wulf (2010), Merle Erpenbeck (2011), Sabine Schneider (2011), Christof Beierle (2012), Eike Bunn (2012), Momme Steffen (2012), Marvin Landwehr (2012), Jonas Fox (2013), Stefan Miedzianowski (2013), Maximilian Gievert (2013), Patrick Aguilar (2018), Benjamin Reuting (2014), Kolja Hartmann (2015), Lennart Holtkötter (--), Martin Stückemann (2016), Franziska Popp (2016), Robin Puchalla (2016), Robin Graeber (2016), Claudia Giesen (2016), Simon Dröge (2016), Sebastian Greve (2016), Kira Sielenkämper (--), Necip-Soner Bölükbas (--).
  3. Master's theses: Sandra Uhlenbrock (2012), Eike Bunn (2016), Momme Steffen (2014), Marvin Landwehr (2016), Stefan Miedzianowski (2016), Jonas Fox (2018), Robin Graeber (--), Robin Puchalla (--), Markus Poehler (--), Claudia Giesen (--).

Ph.D. students

  1. Dr. Dominik Adolf (finished in 2013), now PostDoc at the Department of Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel
  2. Dr. Daniel Busche (DFG project no. SCHI 484/2-2, "Anwendungen der Theorie der Kernmodelle in der Kardinalzahlarithmetik (bzw. pcf-Theorie)", finished in 2007)
  3. Dr. Benjamin Claverie (DFG project no. SCHI 484/3-1, "Anwendungen der Theorie der inneren Modelle auf Fragen der Absolutheit und Korrektheit", finished in 2010)
  4. Dr. Fabiana Castiblanco, finished in 2018
  5. Dr. Philipp Doebler (DFG project no. SCHI 484/3-1, "Anwendungen der Theorie der inneren Modelle auf Fragen der Absolutheit und Korrektheit", finished in 2010). Now professor in Dortmund.
  6. Dr. Daisuke Ikegami (University of Amsterdam, finished in 2010), now at the Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan.
  7. Dr. Marios Koulakis (MALOA project), finished in 2015, now Data Scientist and Engineer at Nulogy, TranQuant Inc., ASD, Toronto, Canada, see here.
  8. Andreas Lietz, since Oct 01, 2018
  9. Dr. Philipp Lücke (DFG project no. SCHI 484/4-1, "The interplay between algebra and logic", SFB 878, finished in 2012), now PostDoc at the University of Bonn
  10. Stefan Miedzianowski (DFG-Projekt SCHI 484/8-1, "Die Geologie Innerer Modelle"), since Dec 2016
  11. Dr. Philipp Schlicht ("Thin equivalence relations in L(R) and inner models", finished in 2008), now PostDoc at the University of Bristol
  12. Dr. Sandra Uhlenbrock, finished in 2016, now PostDoc at the University of Vienna
  13. Dr. Gabriel Zanetti Nunes Fernandes, finished in 2018, now PostDoc at the Department of Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel


  1. Dr. Yong Cheng (2014-15), went to Wuhan University (China).
  2. Dr. Sean Cox (2009-12), went to VCU.
  3. Dr. Gunter Fuchs (2004-09), went to CUNY.
  4. Dr. Daniel Herden (2009-10).
  5. Dr. Stefan Hoffelner (started Jan 01, 2018).
  6. Dr. Rene Schipperus (W2 position replacement, 2009-10). Series on linear algebra: History and introduction to linear equations.
  7. Dr. Philipp Schlicht (W2 position replacement, 2015-16).
  8. Dr. Farmer Schlutzenberg (Junior professor, 2017--).
  9. Dr. David Schrittesser (2013).
  10. Dr. Yizheng Zhu (2012-17), went to the School of Mathematical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Invited talks

  1. Oxford, 05/26/94, Bicephali below o(k)=k++.
  2. Berlin, Dec. 95, Combinatorial applications of the core model.
  3. Fine structure meeting at Oberwolfach, July 97, Iterability below a measurable limit of strongs.
  4. Non-meeting at Irvine, Dec 97, Regularity properties of sets of reals.
  5. VIG at UCLA, Jan. 98, Strong cardinals and sets of reals in L_{omega_1}(R).
  6. L.A. Logic Colloquium, Oct. 98, Nice sets of reals and choice-like principles.
  7. Berkeley Logic Colloquium, Dec. 98, Coding into mice and other subtleties.
  8. ASL Annual Meeting at San Diego, March 99, Coding into L(R), cancelled.
  9. Lecture series at Bonn, April 99, The Delfino problem # 12.
  10. Greater Boston Logic Meeting at MIT, May 99, Projective sets and singletons.
  11. Berlin Logic Colloquium, Dec. 99, Generic absoluteness.
  12. Set theory meeting at Oberwolfach, Dec. 99, The core model for almost linear iterations. Picture.
  13. ASL Annual Meeting at Urbana-Champaign, June 2000, Inner models and 0^hand-grenade.
  14. 6eme Atelier Int'l de Theorie des Ensembles at Luminy, 09/20/00, Proper forcing and remarkable cardinals.
  15. Berlin Logic Colloquium 01/15/01, Das Kernmodell für fast lineare Iterationen.
  16. München 01/17/01, Projektive Mengen und Kernmodelle.
  17. Non-meeting at Bonn, 01/19/01, Core models.
  18. Münster 02/09/01, Projektive Mengen reeller Zahlen und Kernmodelle. DVI.
  19. Fine structure meeting at Oberwolfach, Hand grenades I + II, 02/26 + 02/28/01
  20. Fine structure meeting at Oberwolfach, A universal weasel, 03/01/01.
  21. ASL European Summer meeting, Vienna, 08/10/01, Mutual stationarity in L[E].
  22. Set theory workshop, Vienna, 08/13/01: Iterates of the core model.
  23. Foundations of the formal sciences III, Vienna, 09/23/01, Projective sets of reals and core models. DVI.
  24. Set theory meeting, Oberwolfach, 01/21/02: Mutual stationarity in L[E].
  25. Paris 06/17/02: Cardinal arithmetic and determinacy.
  26. Bonn 06/20/02: Einfache Korrektheitsbeweise. DVI.
  27. München 06/24/02: Kardinalzahlarithmetik und Determiniertheit.
  28. ASL European Summer meeting, Münster, 08/05/02: Transfer theorems. Slides: PS, PDF.
  29. 7th Atelier Int'l de Theorie des Ensembles at Luminy, 09/19/02, Pcf theory and Woodin cardinals.
  30. Kiel, Dec 11, 02, Projektive Mengen und grosse Kardinalzahlen, seminar talk.
  31. Kiel, Dec 13, 02, Projektive Mengen reeller Zahlen, Colloquium talk.
  32. Fine structure meeting, Bonn, July 07-11, 03, Forcing axioms and the constructible universe.
  33. Barcelona conference on set theory, Sept 16-20, 03, 4-hour course. The role of absoluteness and correctness. Slides in dvi.
  34. Bonn, Nov 20, 03, Verallgemeinerungen von Martins Axiom.
  35. Barcelona, Feb 17, 04, Semi-proper forcing and remarkable cardinals.
  36. Antrittsvorlesung, Jun 16, 04, Wozu bauchen wir grosse Kardinalzahlen? ps-file.
  37. DVMLG meeting, Heidelberg, Sept 17, 04, Cardinal arithmetic and determinacy ps-file.
  38. Eighth Luminy Set Theory Workshop September 20 - 24th, 2004, BMM - one answer and one problem.
  39. DMV meeting, Mainz, June 05, Projective equivalence relations and inner model theory.
  40. TU Darmstadt, July 06, 05, Wozu brauchen wir grosse Kardinalzahlen?
  41. Freiburg, Dec 02, 05, Äquivalenzrelationen und grosse Kardinalzahlen. ps-file. pdf-file.
  42. Fine structure workshop, Oberwolfach, May 06, The self-iterability of L[E].
  43. British Logic Colloquium, Oxford, Sept 06, Pcf theory and determinacy.
  44. Colloquium Logicum, Bonn, Sept 06, If every uncountable cardinal is singular, then AD holds in L(R).
  45. Ninth Luminy Set Theory Workshop, Oct 3, 06, Diamond^+_kappa,lambda in L[E]
  46. Bonn Nov 30, 06, The strength of PFA.
  47. Hausdorff Center for Math, Bonn, Jan 23, 07, The P vs. NP problem for infinite time Turing machines
  48. Logic Colloquium, UC Berkeley, Sept 21, 07, Forcing axioms and large cardinals
  49. UC Irvine, Nov 05, 07, BMM, canonical functions, and precipitous ideals
  50. UC Irvine, Nov 26, 07, Proving projective determinacy, ps-file, pdf-file.
  51. Tenth Luminy workshop in Set Theory, Sept 08, Π_2 consequences of BMM plus NS is precipitous.
  52. Paris 7, Oct 08, Π_2 consequences of BMM plus NS is precipitous.
  53. Bonn June 12, 09, Mining strength from hypotheses incompatible with choice
  54. Workshop on large cardinals, Wien, June 09, Bounded forcing axioms and reflection
  55. ASL European Summer meeting, Sophia (Bulgaria), July 31 to August 5, 2009, three-hour tutorial course on "the evolution of inner models": part 1, part 2, part 3.
  56. Mittag-Leffler Institute, Djursholm, Sweden, Woodin's axiom (*), bounded forcing axioms, and related issues, part 1 and 2, Oct 01 and 29, 2009.
  57. Young set theorist's workshop, Raach am Hochgebirge, tutorial course on inner model theory, Feb 15--19, 2010.
  58. Graduate center, New York City, March 26, 2010, Π_2 consequences of BMM plus NS is precipitous
  59. Fields Institute, Toronto, April 09, 2010, Π_2 consequences of BMM plus NS is precipitous.
  60. Math colloquium, München, April 23, 2010, Sind große Kardinalzahlen entbehrlich?, PDF.
  61. Barcelona, April 29, 2010, Forcing axioms and determinacy
  62. Amsterdam, June 01, 2010, Mice and set theoretic geology
  63. München, Nov 03, 2010, Forcing-Axiome und die Feinanalyse von Hω2, pdf.
  64. Harvard, "The Higher Infinite: 50 Years of Large Cardinals and Inner Models", Feb 18--20, 2011, Generic Iterations and Forcing Axioms
  65. Bonn, April 18, 2011, Resectionable truth
  66. UC Irvine, May 04, 2011, Resectionable and other Σ1 truths
  67. LPS, UC Irvine, May 06, 2011, Dilemmas and truths in set theory, PDF.
  68. Edinburgh, July 2011, BMM*
  69. Palermo, April 03 and 04, 2012, Recent insights concerning the continuum problem and A dilemma in the philosophy of set theory, PDF1 and PDF2
  70. Barcelona, June 2012, A proof of Jensen's Covering Lemma, lecture series.
  71. Luminy, Sept 2012, Tutorial on Jensen's L-forcing, 1st lecture, 2nd lecture, 3rd lecture.
  72. Oxford, Oct 08 , 2012, Dilemmas and truths in set theory.
  73. Fields Institute, Toronto, Nov 12, 2012, An Axiom.
  74. Barcelona, Dec 15, 2012, Martin's Maximum with an asterisk.
  75. UC Irvine, Feb 25, 2013, Stationary reflection, mouse reflection, and strategy reflection.
  76. Tecklenburg, May 02, 2013, Wozu brauchen wir große Kardinalzahlen?
  77. Wien, Sept 25, 2013, Does analytic determinacy yield zero-sharp?
  78. Bonn, Oct 21, 2013, Does analytic determinacy yield zero-sharp?
  79. UC Irvine, Feb 24, 2014, Harrington's Principle and remarkable cardinals.
  80. Harvard University, March 26, 2014, Martin's Maximum with an asterisk.
  81. Bonn, May 24, 2014, Martin's Maximum with an asterisk.
  82. Bristol, July 06, 2014, TBA, cancelled.
  83. Poznan, Sept, 2014, cancelled.
  84. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Feb 27, 2015, Martin's Maximum, Woodin's (*), or both?
  85. CUNY, March 30, 2015, Harrington's Principle and remarkable cardinals.
  86. MAMLS meeting, CMU, May 30-31, 2015, Singular cardinals, pcf theory, and determinacy.
  87. Logic Colloquium 2015, Helsinki, August 03-08, 2015, Martin's Maximum, Woodin's (*), or both?. There is a video of this talk!
  88. Conference on set theory and model theory, Tehran, Iran, Oct 12-16, 2015, Remarkable cardinals. Some notes: Part 1, Part 2.
  89. Bonn, Dec 04, 2015, PFA-.
  90. Tel Aviv University, Feb 16, 2016, PFA-.
  91. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Feb 19, 2016, Varsovian models. This talk can be watched on youtube.
  92. Rutgers University, March, 2016, L-forcing and local consequences of MM and (*) (lecture series)
  93. CUNY, March 18, 2016, PFA-.
  94. Münster model theory month, May 02, 2016, The continuum hypothesis, MM, and (*).
  95. 1st IRVINE CONFERENCE on DESCRIPTIVE INNER MODEL THEORY and HOD MICE, July, 2016, Varsovian models.
  96. Universitat de Barcelona, Oct 14, 2016, More fake cardinals.
  97. Workshop, Tbilisi (Georgia), Oct, 2016, Bernstein sets don't give Vitali sets.
  98. Workshop on the Applications of strong logics in other areas of mathematics, CRM, Bellaterra (Catalunya), Nov, 2016, Martin's Maximum with an asterisk.
  99. Bonn Jan 09, 2017, A Hamel basis for the reals without choice.
  100. Beijing March 10, 2017, Martin's Maximum, Woodin's (*), or both?, Colloquium talk.
  101. Beijing March 14, 2017, Varsovian models.
  102. Luminy, Oct, 2017, Varsovian models with more Woodin cardinals.
  103. Barcelona, Oct 30, 2017, Hamel bases without the axiom of choice.
  104. University of Warsaw, March 14, 2018, "Paradoxical" sets with no well-ordering of the reals.
  105. Chinese Mathematical Logic Conference, Qiannan Normal University for Nationalities, Duyun, Guizhou, P. R. China, May 12-13, 2018, "Paradoxical" sets with no well-ordering of the reals.
  106. Beijing Normal University, May 18, 2018, Remarkable and other fake cardinals.
  107. May 22, 2018, Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, Ground generation.
  108. Steklov Institute, Moscow, Oct 15 + 22, 2018, "Paradoxical" sets with no well-ordering of the reals. These talks can be watched online: part 1 and part 2.
  109. Conference on "Reflections on Set Theoretic Reflection," Nov 2018, Montseny, Catalonia, Burstin bases and well-ordering the reals. PDF
  110. IPM, Tehran, Iran, Feb 23 - 28, 2019, lecture course on "The extender algebra and its variants", see here.
  111. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, March 25, 2019, t.b.a.
  112. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, March 27, 2019, t.b.a.
  113. Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Apr 16, 2019, t.b.a.
  114. Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Singapore, June 2019, t.b.a.
  115. RIMS set theory workshop, Kyoto, Nov 2019, t.b.a.

Contributed talks

  1. ASL European Summer Meeting at Haifa, Aug. 95, On a Chang conjecture.
  2. BEST at Boise, March 97, On (the consistency strenth of) certain consequences of AD.
  3. ASL European Summer Meeting at Leeds, July 97, On patterns of cardinals with the tree property.
  4. Berlin, 06/25/01, Habilitationskolloquium, P = NP? ps-file , pdf-file
  5. Münster, July 27--30, 2010, Tutorial on the core model induction.
  6. Zentrum für Wissenschaftstheorie, Münster, 22.06.11, Braucht die Mathematik neue Axiome? PDF
  7. Münster, Aug 2011, BPFA plus a precipitous ideal on ω1


See also here

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  9. Review of Forcing over models of determinacy by Paul Larson. PDF.


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