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1st Girona conference on

inner model theory

July 16--27, 2018

Organizers: Ralf Schindler (Münster), John Steel (Berkeley), and Joan Vergés (Girona).

The Eiffel bridge, Girona.

This conference will be a sequel to the 1st Conference on the core model induction and hod mice that was held in Münster (FRG), July 19 -- August 06, 2010, to the 2nd Conference on the core model induction and hod mice that was held in Münster (FRG), August 08 -- 19, 2011, to the AIM Workshop on Descriptive Inner Model Theory, held in Palo Alto (CA), June 02 -- 06, 2014, to the Conference on Descriptive Inner Model Theory, held in Berkeley (CA) June 09 -- 13, 2014 to the 3rd Münster Conference on inner model theory, the core model induction, and hod mice that was held in Münster (FRG), July 20 -- 31, 2015, to the 1st Irvine conference on descriptive inner model theory and hod mice that was held in Irvine (CA), July 18 -- 29, 2016, as well as to the 4th Münster Conference on inner model theory, the core model induction, and hod mice that was held in Münster (FRG), July 17 -- August 01, 2017.
The university of Girona (above three pictures)

Once more, this conference will draw together researchers and advanced students with an interest in inner model theory, in order to communicate and further explore recent work. There will be courses and single talks.

We will meet Monday--Friday, with 2 1/2 hours of lectures in the morning and 2 1/2 hours of lectures in the afternoon. This will leave ample time for problem sessions, informal seminars, and other interactions.

The conference will take place at the Philosophy Dept of the University of Girona, Catalonia.

Above: view of the old part of Girona.

Tentative schedule:

Mon, July 16 Tue, July 17 Wed, July 18 Thu, July 19 Fri, July 20
10:00--11:15 N.N. Gabriel GoldbergN.N.N.N.N.N.
11:45--13:00 N.N. N.N.N.N.N.N.N.N.
15:30--16:45 N.N. N.N.N.N.Benjamin SiskindN.N.
17:15--18:30 N.N. N.N.N.N.N.N.N.N.
18:30--∞ Problems and Discussions Problems and DiscussionsProblems and DiscussionsProblems and Discussionsfree

Mon, July 23 Tue, July 24 Wed, July 25 Thu, July 26 Fri, July 27
10:00--11:15 N.N. W. Hugh WoodinW. Hugh WoodinN.N.N.N.
11:45--13:00 N.N. W. Hugh WoodinW. Hugh WoodinN.N.N.N.
15:30--16:45 N.N. N.N.N.N.N.N.N.N.
17:15--18:30 N.N. N.N.N.N.N.N.N.N.
18:30--∞ Problems and Discussions Problems and DiscussionsProblems and DiskussionsProblems and Discussionsfree

There will be a city tour, but you won't know even the night before that it's actually gonna take place the very next day and who will be the guide.

Talks and abstracts:

  • Gabriel Goldberg: "Supercompact cardinals and the Mitchell order, II." The Ultrapower Axiom (UA) is large cardinal theoretic principle that is both an abstract formulation of the comparison lemma and a generalization of the statement that the Mitchell order is linear on normal ultrafilters. We outline a proof of the equivalence of strong compactness and supercompactness under UA, subject to the exceptions from Menas's thesis.
  • Benjamin Siskind: t.b.a. (On the combinatorics of normalizing, etc.)
  • John Steel: t.b.a. (Hod pair capturing.)
  • W. Hugh Woodin: t.b.a.

  • Above and below: the streets of Girona.


    If you want to learn a bit of Catalan before travelling to Girona, you may go here. And then you may go ahead and go here or there and read a Catalan newspaper.

    Lunch and dinner:

  • Rule no. 1: Avoid La Rambla de la Llibertat, it's only for tourists!
  • Rule no. 2: Forget about finding a reasonable place for lunch before 1pm and a place for dinner before 7:30pm.
  • Le Bistrot.
  • L'Alqueria.
  • Sushi Bar Girona.
  • Zanpanzar, Carrer de la Cort Reial 12, 17004 Girona: Basque cuisine.
  • Arròs i Peix: fish.
  • Mimolet: top end Catalan cuisine.
  • Creperie Bretonne.
  • Tasca Galega: Galician cuisine.
  • Casa Moner: best bakery in town, plus coffee house.
  • Xurros amb xocolate (a must if you like chocolate): L'Antiga, Plaça del Vi 8, 17004 Girona.

  • Housing information:

    Girona is very popular among tourists. You should book your accomodation as soon as possible! The meeting will take place here. Housing suggestions:
    Below: Monestir de Sant Daniel.

  • apartments in Girona.
  • Hotel Museu Llegendes de Girona.
  • Monastery of Sant Daniel. Quiet, beautiful, and convenient location. They offer rooms for 45,45 € per night including lunch and dinner. If you need help with making a reservation, then plase contact margarpi@hotmail.com and/or rds@wwu.de .
  • Hotel Històric.
  • Casa Cúndaro.
  • Palau dels Alemanys. Beautiful, very well located apartments.
  • Pensió Bellmirall.
  • Hotel Ciutat de Girona.
  • Airbnb.
  • Youth hostel.

  • Travel information:

  • Girona has an airport, IATA code: GRO. Ryanair and some others fly there. A pretty short bus or cab ride takes you from the Girona airport to the center.
  • Another excellent option to reach Girona is to fly to Barcelona, IATA code: BCN, take a bus from there to the center of Barcelona, and then a train from Bercelona Sants (fast trains leave from here) or from Barcelona Passeig de Gracia to Girona; there is also a direct bus from BCN to the center of Girona; total travel time in both cases 1 1/2 hours or more.
  • Renfe also has fast trains coming from France which make a stop at Girona. E.g. a direct train from Lyon to Girona is 4 1/2 hrs. You can also take a TGV directly from Paris Gare de Lyon to Girona, travel time 5 hrs 46 min.

  • Below: Les fires.

    Tentative list of people who expressed their intention to participate:

    If it is not the case that [you show up on this list ⇔ you intend to participate], then please send an email to rds@wwu.de .

    Dominik Adolf (Münster)
    Juan P. Aguilera (TU Vienna)
    Joan Bagaria (Barcelona)
    Nikolina Barišić (Bonn)
    Omer Ben-Neria (UCLA and Jerusalem)
    Douglas Blue (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)
    Jinglun Cai (Barcelona)
    Justin Cavitt (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)
    William Chan (Denton, TX)July 15-28
    Sean Cox (Richmond, VA) July 14-21
    Gabriel Fernandes (Münster)
    Gunter Fuchs (CUNY)
    Elliot Glazer (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)
    Gabriel Goldberg (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)
    Stefan Hoffelner (Münster)
    Steve Jackson (Denton, TX)
    Andreas Lietz (Bonn)
    Stefan Mesken (=Miedzianowski) (Münster)
    Dan Saattrup Nielsen (Bristol)
    Menachem Magidor (Jerusalem)
    Ralf Schindler (Münster) July 13-Aug 25 mod ε
    Philipp Schlicht (Bonn)
    Farmer Schlutzenberg (Münster)
    Benjamin Siskind (UC Berkeley)
    John Steel (UC Berkeley, CA)
    Sandra Müller (=Uhlenbrock) (Vienna)
    Trevor Wilson (Miami Univ., Oxford OH)
    W. Hugh Woodin (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA)July 22-28
    Shi Xianghui (Beijing)
    Yizheng Zhu (Beijing)
    Martin Zeman (UC Irvine, CA)