© Picture taken by Stephen Givant, Berkeley, June 1971

Set theory conference

A conference on the occasion of Ronald B. Jensen's 80th birthday

Institut für Mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung, WWU Münster

Aug 02--Aug 04, 2017

Organizers: Menachem Magidor (Jerusalem), Ralf Schindler (Münster), John Steel (Berkeley), W. Hugh Woodin (Harvard)

List of speakers:

We acknowledge generous support by the SFB 878 Groups, Geometry, and Actions.

In order to register for this conference, please send an email to Ralf Schindler at rds@wwu.de.

We can offer a few grants to doctoral students or post-doctoral researchers who are interested in attending this meeting and who do not have access to funding from a third source. If this applies to you, then please contact Ralf Schindler at rds@wwu.de.

People who expressed their intention to particiate (besides speakers and organisers): Juan P. Aguilera (TU Wien ₰), Rachid Atmai (Wien ₰), Andrés Caicedo (AMS ₰), Gabriel Goldberg (Harvard), Ronald Jensen (HU Berlin), Asaf Karagila (Jerusalem ₰), Martin Köberl (Rutgers), Robert Lubarsky (Boca Raton), Stefan Miedzianowski (Münster), Rahman Mohammadpour (Paris ₰), Dan Saattrup Nielsen (Bristol ₰), Philipp Schlicht (Bonn), Sandra Uhlenbrock (Wien).