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Some practical information


We are happy to give you support for finding accomodation durung the workshop. For this please contact our secretary Elke Ernsting. The most convenient places to stay are the Hotel am Schlossplatz and the Hotel Jellentrup. Both hotels have special rates for guests of our department, so you should definitely book them through us! Also, all participants with financial support from the workshop should book their hotels through us!

Travel information (how to get to Münster):

By plane:

If you arrive at Münster airport (FMO): The airport is located a bit north of Münster and is actually called "Flughafen Münster-Osnabrück" (it is a joint venture with the city of Osnabrück). In principle, you can take a taxi to get from the airport to Münster, but as this is rather expensive (ask for prices, but I'd guess that it is at least 40 Euro) you should consider taking the regulary bus to Münster train station (see below). Münster airport is rather small (just one terminal building) so it is really hard to get lost there...
If you arrive at Düsseldorf airport (DUS): There are trains from Düsseldorf Flughafen to Münster as you can check on . Be sure to enter "DUS" or "Dusseldorf airport", not just "Dusseldorf", because this would mean Düsseldorf city ("Hauptbahnhof") which is not the same station. To get from the train station at Düsseldorf airport to Münster you usually have to first take a regional train and then to change trains in Duisburg, Hamm, Essen or Dortmund; to get to Münster will take between 1,5 and 2 hours. To first get from the airport itself to "Düsseldorf airport train station" ("Bahnhof Düsseldorf Flughafen") you have to take the "SkyTrain", a sort of (shaky) monorail (or a bus if the monorail is not working). It is not expensive, but if you manage to buy a train ticket beforehand then the ticket for the SkyTrain is sometimes included. As the ticket system for trains in Germany is a science of its own I can't really tell you more right now...
If you arrive at Frankfurt airport (FRA): It is hard to miss, but be sure to walk to the train station "Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf." as opposed to the regional train station "Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Regionalbf." Note that there is yet another train station called Frankfurt, namely Frankfurt city. This is not the train station at the airport as you might have guessed. There are direct trains from Frankfurt airport to Münster, but you can also consider taking a fast train to Cologne (or Dortmund) and change trains there. Check . If you read this on the airport and it doesn't make sense to you then you might have taken a low cost flight to what is called "Frankfurt-Hahn airport". This is not Frankfurt airport and is not even close to Frankfurt. Have fun.

By train:

You arrive at Münster train station ("Münster Hauptbahnhof"). Descend to the actual train station through one of the two staircases that you find on any platform. The station has four exits, two to the east and two to the west. The ones to the east are labelled "Bremer Platz" or something similar and lead away from the city centre. The other two are labelled "Innenstadt" (= city centre) and lead you to both, the bus stop and the taxi stand. You can take the lines 11 and 12 to go to Gievenbeck.

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