The aim of this workshop is it to showcase and push forward recent developments in the structure theory of nuclear C*-algebras. The interaction of these results with classification and with C*-dynamics will be of particular interest. We will make an effort to highlight hot open problems, as well as interesting questions which are somewhat more accessible.

Workshop on Structure and Classification of C*-algebras

Münster, 20.–24. April 2015

Focus Programme on C*-algebras:


Talks will start Monday morning and end Friday afternoon.

Here is some general information on travel, accomodation etc.

Here are a preliminary schedule and a collection of abstracts and titles.

To get started:

Walk to the institute on Monday morning

and register (9:00–9:30) on ground floor (SR0) of the tall building.

Talks start at 9:30.

Wireless / local desktops:

If possible, use eduroam. Alternatively, Elke will be able

to provide you with a temporary guest login.


In M6, ground floor, library building.

Coffee breaks:

SR0, ground floor, tall building.


Mensa am Ring is the default place. For coffee, use Viva Café (not the (instant) coffee bar). Or the Italian places.

Or the Lichthof.

Dinner / beer:

La Vecchia Casa is quite convenient. There are also many places downtown; typical Westfalian restaurants are Kiepenkerl, Pinkus, Leve, Stuhlmacher, or Drübbelken.

Go to Jüdefelder Straße or Kreuzstraße for classical (typical?) student bars.

At the “Hafen” you’ll find a lot of restaurants and bars; nice to sit outside when the weather is good. (On the other side of town; it’s possible to walk, but not exactly close.)

A little more fancy: Gourmet 1895 (*), Villa Medici, Giverny,

Il Cucchiaio Argento, Rotkehlchen, Spitzner im Oerschen Hof, Acacia.


You’ll hear a lot of talk about Münster being a bike place.

It’s true, so no loitering on the red bike tracks.

You can rent a bike from the Radstation at the station or downtown.

Office space sparse. We have booked SR0 and M6 (almost)

throughout the week; outside talks and coffee breaks these

should be o.k. to work. You can also use the library.


Sara Arklint

Jacopo Bassi

Rasmus Bentmann

Dietmar Bisch

Joan Bosa

Jorge Castillejos Lopez

George Elliott

Dominic Enders

Sam Evington

Ilijas Farah

James Gabe

Eusebio Gardella

Thierry Giordano

Ilan Hirshberg

Matthew Kennedy

Ersin Kızgut

Alla Kuznetsova

Nadia Larsen

Huaxin Lin

Zhuang Niu

Narutaka Ozawa

Cornel Pasnicu

Sven Raum

Sarah Reznikoff

Luis Santiago

Yasuhiko Sato

Chris Skau

Andrew Toms

Gabriele Tornetta

Joachim Zacharias

Local participants:

Marat Aukhadiev

Selcuk Barlak

Christian Bönicke

Martijn Caspers

Sayan Chakraborty

Joachim Cuntz

Steven Duplij

Siegfried Echterhoff

Huichi Huang

Andrea Kasprowski

Søren Knudby

Ulrich Pennig

Henning Petzka

Kamran Sharifi

Nicolai Stammeier

Michael Sun

Gabor Szábó

Hannes Thiel

Stuart White

Wilhelm Winter

Jianchao Wu

Organised by Siegfried Echterhoff, Hannes Thiel, Stuart White, and Wilhelm Winter.