Some lunch and dining options not far from the Schloß:

La Casa

Italian standards. Benefits a lot from new management.

Wilhelmstraße 26

La Locanda

More Italian standards ..

Frauenstraße 32

La Gondola d’oro

.. and yet another one.

Hüfferstrasse 34

Frauenstraße 24

Turkish / oriental. Quite a few vegan options.

Frauenstraße 24

Café Malik

Freshly prepared dishes; affordable prices.

Schlossplatz 44

Royals and Rice

Their Heart is beating for the Vietkitchen.

Frauenstraße 51

Café Fifties - Backhaus Jankord

A bakery with a café. Offers sandwiches

and a few small lunch dishes.

Hüfferstraße 26


A nice Biergarten. In good weather well worth the walk.

Am Stadtgraben 52


One of the oldest buildings in Münster;

traditional Westfalian cuisine.

Buddenstraße 14-15


Also serves traditional Westfalian dishes,

accompanied by the rather famous Pinkus beer.

Kreuzstraße 7–10

Schloßgarten Café

Nice location, although the food is a little pricey.

Definitely recommended for a cuppa on the terrace.

Behind the Schloß, close to the botanical garden

Il Cucchiaio d’Argento

A little upscale Italian.

Überwasserstraße 3

Of course there is also always the mensa:

Mensa am Ring

Standard choice for students and staff;

a nice walk through the Schloßpark.

Coesfelder Kreuz / von-Esmarch-Straße

Bistro im Hüfferstift

Smaller selection than Mensa am Ring,

but with a nice roof terrace.

Hüfferstraße 27

For the sweet tooth:

There are ice-cream parlours all over the place –

highly recommended.

Spaghettieis is an all-time German-Italian classic.