The Sixteenth Annual Spring Institute Noncommutative Geometry and Operator Algebras 
will be hosted in Münster in May 2018. There will be several introductory minicourses, in particular addressed at PhD students and PostDocs, as well as a number of invited research talks.

Talks will take place from the morning of May 14 until early afternoon of May 19.
Here is the schedule, and here are the titles and abstracts.

The conference dinner takes place on Wednesday night at 19:00
at A2 am See (Aaseeterrassen, Annette-Allee 3). 
All participants are cordially invited. 

Minicourse speakers:

Caleb Eckhardt
Xin Li
Karen Strung
Gabor Szabó
Stuart White

Invited talks by:

Francesca Arici
Arnaud Brothier
Marius Dadarlat
Alexander Engel
James Gabe
Eusebio Gardella
Elizabeth Gillaspy
Ilan Hirshberg
David Kerr
Zhuang Niu
Sven Raum
Yasuhiko Sato
Christopher Schafhauser
Thomas Sinclair
Hannes Thiel
Aaron Tikuisis
Moritz Weber
Matthew Wiersma
Jianchao Wu

Here is the conference poster.

If you wish to participate, please register here by 2. April 2018. We will be able to offer 
some financial support; exactly how much will only be determined after the deadline.

Please send any enquiries to

We will arrange accomodation for invited speakers; all other participants are kindly asked 
to book their own hotel rooms. 

Some hotels not too far away (from Schlossplatz 2, where the talks will take place):

Hotel am Schloßpark
Hotel Jellentrup
factory hotel
Hotel Niemann
Hotel International am Theater
Stadthotel Münster
Hotel Überwasserhof
Mövenpick Hotel Münster

Some hostels:
Nordstern hostel
Jugendgästehaus Aasee

Here is a link to a hotel finder.

We have reserved a block of (shared) rooms at Nordstern hostel; if you’d like to book one 
of these please send an email to
Here are some practical hints, with some lunch and dining options.

Some previous NCGOAs: 2017, 2016, 2015

NCGOA 2018: C*-algebras and Dynamics

WWU Münster, May 14–19

Organised by Dietmar Bisch, Siegfried Echterhoff, Wilhelm Winter