LMS Midlands Regional Meeting and Workshop on C*-algebras


The University of Nottingham will host the next LMS Midlands Regional Meeting on 6.9.2010.

This will be followed by a workshop focussing on the classification and structure theory of nuclear C*-algebras and applications.

The structure theory of nuclear C*-algebras has seen dramatic advances in recent years. Most notably, tight links have been discovered between topological and algebraic regularity properties of C*-algebras. These results have spurred new and very broad classification theorems, with particularly satisfying applications to transformation group C*-algebras. They have also opened connections to other areas such as graph algebras or coarse geometry; these connections are waiting to be further explored.

The area is extremely vivid, as reflected by the large number of recent and upcoming events (in Oberwolfach, Banff, Toronto, Copenhagen, Münster, Barcelona, Palo Alto, to name but a few). It is particularly attractive for early career researchers, as the theory is well-developed yet highly active, with many open questions which are interesting yet accessible (even at postgraduate level).

The LMS will devote their 2010 Midlands regional meeting to C*-algebras; this will be followed by a four day workshop, funded by the LMS and EPSRC. The LMS meeting aims to disseminate some important new developments in C*-algebras to a wider mathematical public; we will explore these results and potential further developments in more detail during the workshop. We plan to emphasize the structure theory and classification of nuclear C*-algebras during these events, with particular attention paid to applications such as dynamical systems. 

Sponsored by the LMS and EPSRC.

The meeting will be preceded by the first

Junior Operator Algebras Seminar

at Glasgow on Friday, 3.9.2010.

Please contact Bhishan Jacelon for further information.

For further information and registration please contact the organizers

Joachim Zacharias or Wilhelm Winter




Nottingham, 6.9.-10.9.2010