Focus Programme

Operator algebras and topological dynamics: amenability and beyond

Update: We are postponing the programme until summer 2021.

We will fix new dates over the coming  months.

Organised by

Kristin Courtney

Tim de Laat

Siegfried Echterhoff

Eusebio Gardella

Shirly Geffen

Hannes Thiel

Wilhelm Winter

Supported by

Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster


We will host a number of visiting researchers, lecture series and conferences.

Some events:

Groups meet C*-algebras

7th Florianopolis–Münster–Ottawa Conference

in honour of Siegfried Echterhoff’s 60th birthday,

organised by Tim de Laat, Wilhelm Winter

Münster, 15.–19. June 2020

Cuntz semigroups

Workshop, organised by Eusebio Gardella, Hannes Thiel

Münster, 22.–26. June 2020

Interactions between expanders, groups and operator algebras

Mini workshop, organised by Tim  de Laat

Münster, 03.–05. August 2020


Young Mathematicians in C*-algebras

Conference, organised by Kristin Courtney, Eusebio Gardella, Shirly Geffen,

Timo Siebenand et al.

Münster, 10.–15. August 2020

We will regularly run lecture series and seminars also outside these events.

If you wish to participate, please register here.

We have limited financial support for visitors.

Deadline for application is 31. January 2020;

funding decisions will be made in February.