Workshop on curvature and global shape

  • July 26-August 1, 2015

Organizing Committee:

Martin Kerin,
University of Münster
Burkhard Wilking,
University of Münster
Marco Radeschi,
University of Münster

The purpose of the meeting is to study relationships between local and global invariants in Riemannian Geometry. Our intention is to bring together experts in the field as well as young mathematicians.  We plan to schedule talks from the morning of Monday, 27 July, through the afternoon of Friday, 31 July. The program of the Workshop is structured so that beyond the lectures there will be many opportunities for intensive discussions.

We are able to cover all local costs for invited participants. If no other source of reimbursement is available, we can also reimburse travel costs within reasonable limits. You may apply for travel costs on the registration form.

Please register early using the registration page. If you intend to give a lecture and you are not sure about the title as yet, you may submit the title for your talk later. The registration deadline is June 1, 2015. People who register after this date will be considered for reimbursement only in exceptional cases.

The math building is located at the Coesfelder Kreuz, Einsteinstrasse 62 (building #0 on the local map). It is the tall building with 9 floors. All participants should register at Room SR0 (ground floor) in that building. People can also get computer access there.

All lectures will take place in lecture room M2 of the lecture hall building (building #1 on the local map). The coffee breaks will be on the ground floor of the math building.

Weather permitting, there will be a bicycle tour on Wednesday afternoon. People who want to participate in the tour and need a bicycle should let us know on the first day of the workshop, if they have not already done so.

The conference party will take place on Friday evening.

For the bicycle tour and party accompanying persons are welcome to attend.

Current (as of June 23, 2015) list of confirmed participants:
E. Abernethy (Tennesse),  M. Amann (Karlsruhe),  B. Ammann (Regensburg),  R. Arroyo (Córdoba),  C. Bär (Potsdam),  W. Ballmann (Bonn),  F. Beitz (Münster),  R. Bettiol (UPenn),  A. Dessai (Fribourg),  B. Dioos (Leuven),  C. Escher (Oregon),  F. Galaz Garcia (Karlsruhe),  J. Ge (Peking),  B. Georgiev (Bonn),  O. Goertsches (München),  D. González (Madrid),  N. Große (Leipzig),  K. Grove (Notre Dame),  L. Guijarro (Madrid),  J. Harvey (Münster),  E. Heintze (Augsburg),  M. Herrmann (Karlsruhe),  M. Jablonski (Oklahoma),  F. Jäger (Münster),  D. Jansen (Münster),  M.R. Jimenez (Bonn),  M. Joachim (Münster),  H. Jolany (Lille),  M. Karsunky (Karlsruhe),  L. Kennard (Oklahoma),  M.  Kliemann (Kiel),  A. Kollross (Stuttgart),  J.-B. Kordaß (Karlsruhe),  L. Kramer (Münster),  A. Krishnan (UPenn),  K. Kröncke (Regensburg),  R. Lafuente (Münster),  C. Lange (Köln),  N. Lebedeva (St. Petersburg),  S. Lohove (Bonn),  M. Ludewig (Potsdam),  A. Lytchak (Köln),  H. Matthiesen (Bonn),  J. Meyer (Köln),  A. Mondino (ETH Zürich),  O. Müller (Regensburg),  T. Murphy (California State),  A. Nabutovsky (Toronto),  A. Nepechiy (Münster),  A. Petrunin (Penn State),  C. Plaut (Tennessee),  C. Pomrehn (Köln),  C. Rauße (Münster),  S. Rosemann (Jena),  R. Rotman (Toronto),  C. Searle (Wichita State),  K. Shankar (Oklahoma),  P. Siasos (Patras),  A. Siffert (UPenn),  Ll. Speranca (UFPR),  F. Spiegel (Bonn),  W. Spindeler (Münster),  G. Thorbergsson (Köln),  D. Töben (São Carlos, Brazil),  W. Tuschmann (Karlsruhe),  L. Verdiani (Firenze),  S. Voß (Bonn),  H. Wen (Bonn),  M. Wiemeler (Augsburg),  S. Wiesendorf (Köln),  M. Wink (Oxford),  D. Wraith (Maynooth),  M. Wunderlich (Münster),  W. Wylie (Syracuse),  J. Yeager (Howard University),  E. Zachos (Bonn),  W. Ziller (UPenn).