Prof. Dr. Urs Hartl

Research Group

Members Telefone Office
Alexander Kutzim +49 (251) 83-36876 110.026 (Orléans-Ring 10)
Maximilian Langner +49 (251) 83-36856 110.002 (Orléans-Ring 10)
Anastasia Prokudina +49 (251) 83-36877 110.027 (Orléans-Ring 10)
    Former members

Master of Science Topic
Annika Holtrup Universal covering and logarithm of local shtukas
    Former Diploma and Master students (Master of Science)
Master of Education Topic
    Former Master students (Master of Education)
Bachelor of Science Topic
    Former Bachelor students (Bachelor of Science)
Bachelor (Education) Topic
    Former Bachelor students (Education)

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