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5th Floor
Mathematisches Institut
der Universität Münster

Einsteinstrasse 62
D-48149 Münster

Coordination Office:
Anja Böckenholt (Tue - Thu 08:30-11:30 am; Thu 1:30-3:30 pm)
Tel: ++49 (0)251/83 33742
Fax: ++49 (0)251/83 38370
Room: 516

Next bus stop: "Coesfelder Kreuz"
The building "Einsteinstrasse 62" is the tallest building nearby.
Mathematical Institute

red marking = Mathematics Institute, green marking = railway station. For more information click on the markings or here: larger map.

Here is a guide to Münster.

How to reach us

The University of Münster is located in Münster, Westphalia, Germany. The adress of the department of Mathematics and Computer science is Einsteinstrasse 62. A collection of online navigator systems of Germany is available here.
  • By plane:
    The airport Münster-Osnabrück is located about 30 km in the north of Münster and offers national and international connections. Shuttle service by bus to Münster central station is available. A single ticket costs 5.60 euro (from the bus driver). Here are some further information: bus time table. As an alternative, take a taxi (ca. 40 euro).
  • Public transport:
    Münster is well connected by train. For details see Deutsche Bahn. Starting at central station, several bus lines lead to the department. You can use the following buses:
    • Number 1 direction "Roxel" (platform B1)
    • Number 3 direction "Nordplatz - Uni-Klinikum" (platform B3)
    • Number 4 direction "Horstmarer Landweg" (platform C3)
    • Number 5 direction "Nienberge" (platform B2)
    • Number 11 direction "Gievenbeck Auenviertel" (platform C1)
    • Number 12 direction "Gievenbeck Heekweg" (platform B1)
    • Number 13 direction "Technologiepark" (platform B1)
    • Number 22 direction "Gievenbeck Rüschhausweg" (platform C1)
    • Number N80 direction "Gievenbeck - Auenviertel - Roxel" (after 9 pm) (platform B1)
    • Numbers 563, 564, N64, R64 direction "Havixbeck" (platform C3)
    • Number R63 direction "Nottuln" (platform C3)
    A map of the train station forecourt where all the buses and platforms are marked is available here. A single ticket costs 2.10 euro (from a blue machine) resp. 2.20 euro (from the bus driver), a 4-ticket card costs 7.40 euro (from a blue machine) resp. 7.90 euro (from the bus driver). Get off at bus stop "Coesfelder Kreuz" after about 15 minutes. To get to the department, go right and cross the street with traffic lights. There is a flat building right behind the street, connected to a 9-story-building, this is the department. As an alternative, take a taxi from the main station (ca. 10 euro).
    To get from the bus stop "Coesfelder Kreuz" back to the central station or to the city centre you can use the buses departing at platform A: 1, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 22, N80. Here are some further information: bus time table, bus route map, bus route map (after 9 pm).
  • By car:
    From South, take A1 or A43 north. If on A1, change to A43 at crossing Münster South, direction Münster. When the motorway ends by the traffic lights, go ahead for another 500 meters, then go left following the signs to "Universitätsklinik" (university hospital). Follow this road over a bridge and several traffic lights. At the crossing where the hospital goes left, go straight ahead (there should be a large parking block to your left) - the department is now already on your right, take the entrance after about 20 meters. Attention - this can be easily overlooked!
    From North: Take A1 direction South. At exit Münster North, leave A1, direction Münster. You are now on B54 heading Münster, follow instructions from West below.
    From West (Netherlands): If you want to avoid taking the northern motorways, take the B54 into Münster (from Enschede). Pass the motorway entrance and drive right into town. At the first major crossing with traffic light in Münster there is a sign to "Coesfeld", pointing right. Follow it. At the second traffic light, there is a parking block on your right. Take a U-Turn and go right after 20 meters into the entrance of the department.

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