Curriculum Vitae - Schukajlow - Department of Mathematics Education and Computer Science Education

Curriculum Vitae

Studing und Doctorate

1991-1996 University of Simferopol. Degree: Physics und Teacher of Physics
2002-2004 University of Kassel. Degree: Teacher of Mathematics
2002-2004 University of Kassel. Degree in Education
2010 University of Kassel. D.Phil.



1996-2001 Engineer-Programmer
2006-2007 Teacher at Friedrich-Wöhler School in Kassel
2005-2011 Researcher at the University of Kassel
2009-2011 Teacher at Georg-August-Zinn School in Kassel
2011-2013 Assistant Professor at the University of Paderborn
since 01.10.2013 Associate Professor at the University of Münster


Scientific activities

since 2022 Assosiate Editor of ZDM Mathematics Education
since 2022 Member of the Advisory Board of Learning and Instruction
since 2020 Member of the Editorial Board of Implementation and Replication Studies in Mathematics Education
since 2019 Member of the Editorial Board of Educational Studies in Mathematics
since 2019 Member of the Editorial Board of Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik
2017-2022 Member of the Editorial Board of ZDM Mathematics Education
2020 Team member of the survey "On the teaching and learning of mathematical modelling and interdisciplinary mathematics educations" at ICME-14
2019 and 2022 Leader of the thematic working group "Affect and the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics" at CERME-11 and CERME-12
2018 Member of the International Programm Commitee for PME42 Conference (Umeå, Sweeden) and 12th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams
2015 and 2017 Co-leader of the thematic working group "Affect and mathematical thinking" at CERME-9 and CERME-10
2014-2018 Elected Member of the International Committee of PME
2016 Team member of the topic study group "Classroom assessment for mathematics learning" at ICME-13