Model Theory Month in Münster
April 18 - May 20

A spring school of four weeks (18.04.16 - 13.05.16) plus one week conference (16.05.16 - 20.05.16) for PhD students and PostDocs with an interest in Model Theory. The spring school provides training in different areas of model theory at graduate level, including not only traditional subjects (stability and neostability theory, and the model theory of valued fields) but also recent interactions with additive combinatorics. It will also allow current PhD students working around model theory to interact with each other and with local researchers. The project Groups, Geometry & Actions SFB 878 can provide housing and some living expenses for a limited number of participants. Registration for the spring school is now closed. A list of participants can be found here. For conference registration see the conference web page.

Spring School

Programme for the spring school

There will be 8 lectures of 8 hours each. Each week will feature two courses and two seminars.
Week 1: 18.04.16 - 22.04.16
Course 1: Introduction to stability theory (D. Palacín)
Course 2: Introduction to valued fields (F. Jahnke)
Week 2: 25.04.16 - 29.04.16
Course 1: NIP and definable amenable groups (P. Simon)
Course 2: Model theory of valued fields (M. Hils)
Week 3: 02.05.16 - 06.05.16
Course 1: Profinite and pseudofinite groups (K. Tent)
Course 2: Geometric stability theory (M. Bays)
Week 4: 09.05.16 - 13.05.16
Course 1: Approximate subgroups (E. Breuillard)
Course 2: Motivic Integration (I. Halupczok)

Preliminary schedule for the spring school

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:15 - 10:00 Lecture course A        
10:00 - 12:00 Research Seminar Course 1 Seminar B Course 1 Course 1
12:00 - 14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00 - 16:00 Course 1 Course 2 Course 2 Course 2 Course 2
16:00 - 18:00       Colloquium  

Lecture Course A: This is a regular lecture course given by Katrin Tent on Profinite and Pseudofinite Groups. Course 1 in week 3 will form part of that lecture course, but will be self-contained. Interested participants are welcome to attend the regular lectures on Monday mornings.

Seminar B: This is a reading seminar on Topics in Pseudofinite Model Theory offered by Emmanuel Breuillard and Katrin Tent. Here is a link to the seminar webpage with more information. Interested participants are welcome to attend. Moreover, there might be the possibility of contributing to the seminar with a talk. In case your interested to give a talk, contact us!

Prerequisites for the spring school

We assume basic knowledge of model theory, i.e. what is usually covered in a graduate course. Possible references for this are

Conference 16.05.16 - 20.05.16

All participants of the MMM are encouraged to present their work at the conference. If you want to give a talk, please email your title and abstract to model.theory(at) some time before the 4th of April, 12 noon (German time). Please also indicate whether you would like to give a 30 minute or a 45 minute talk. More information can be found on the conference web page.


Franziska Jahnke and Daniel Palacín
email: model.theory(at)