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Prof. Dr. Siegfried Echterhoff

Mathematisches Institut
WWU Münster
Einsteinstr. 62
48149 Münster

Zimmer 405

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Tel. (0251) 83 - 33736
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My research interests lie in the area of Operator algebras and Noncommutative Geometry. Here I'm mostly inteerested in the study of C*-group algebras of locally compact groups, the structure of crossed products of C*-dynamical systems and their connection to the representation theory of locally comact groups. More...


I was born in the year 1960 in Neuenkirchen, Germany. After finishing high school in 1979 I did an apprenticeship as a car mechanic before I started studying Mathematics and Engineering at the University of Paderborn, Germany. In 1990 I received my Ph.D. in Mathematcs under the direction of Professor Eberhard Kaniuth with a thesis on the representation theory of locally compact groups. After that spend a year as an research associate at the University of Maryland at College Park, USA. In 1994 I habilitated in Mathematics at the University of Paderboorn. Since 1999 I'm a professor of mathematics at the University of Münster.

In 1979 I married my dear wife Cäcilia - one of the best things I ever did in my life. We have two children which are a constant source of pleasure!


I love to read books, listen to (good) music, and fix old cars and motor bikes. I also love to travel around the world. Here you can find some information on the most exciting trip I ever did.
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