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Supersymmetry, Semisupermanifolds, Quantum Groups and Hopf Algebras, C*-Algebras, n-Ary, Polyadic Structures and their Representations, Polyadic Number Theory, Von Neumann Regularity, Bands and Semigroups, Constrained Hamiltonian Systems, Nonlinear Conformal (Super) Electrodynamics, Multigravity, DNA Theory and Genetic Code

Quantum Chromodynamics/Hard Processes, Radiophysics/Noise and Nuclear Physics/Ion Backscattering

Steven Duplij

(Stepan Douplii)

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciencies
(Dr. Habil.)

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 Research Fields

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  • Mathematical aspects of supersymmetric theories 
  • Quantum groups, braiding and statistics
  • C*-algebras and their generalizations
  • Nonlinear (super) electrodynamics  
  • Constraintless approach to singular theories and Dirac formalism  
  • Multigravity, gravitoelectromagnetism and Pauli-Fierz model
  • Supermanifolds and superconformal symmetry  
  • Von Neumann regularity and semigroups 
  • Ternary and n-ary groups, algebras and representations
  • Supersymmetric quantum mechanics and instantons 
  • Supersymmetry in low energy nuclear physics 
  • DNA sequences and genetic code 
  • Quantum information
  • Helicity formalism in quantum chromodynamics 
  • Polarization phenomena in low energy nuclear physics 
  • Rutherford backscattering method in ion implantation 

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  • Book 2018 in English
    "Exotic Algebraic and Geometric Structures in Theoretical Physics", Nova Science Publishers (New York), 2018 (410 pages)


    Available from Amazon in hardcover.

  • Book 2018 in Russian
    "Supersymmetry, Quantum Groups, Multigravity and Singular Theories - Kharkov Collection", Central West Publishing (Australia), 2018 (268 pages)


    Available from Amazon in hardcover.

  • Book 2013 in Russian
    "Semisupermanifolds and Semigroups", Kharkov: Krok, 2000
    Second Edition, Createspace Publishing, 2013 Charleston (220 pages)


    Available from Amazon in paperback.

  • Compilied and edited:
    (Mirror in Ukraine)
    Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (Dordrecht, Netherlands) in September 2003 and 2nd printing corrected and edited Springer Sceince (Berlin-New York-Tokyo) April 2005.
    Available from Amazon2003 Edition   2005 Edition
    quantum field theory
    black holes and quantum gravity
    noncommutative geometry
    representation theory
    categories and quantum groups
    applications of supersymmetry

    561 pages, 275 contributors,
    23 Advisory Editors

  • Organized: NATO Advanced Research Workshop
    Noncommutative Structures in Mathematics and Physics
    held on September 24-27, 2000 Kiev (Dnepr ship), Ukraine
  • Compiled and edited:

    The NATO ARW Proceedings (496 pages)
    has been published (Eds. S.Duplij and J.Wess)
    in May 2001 by Kluwer Academic Publishers (Dordrecht, Netherlands), now Springer

    Read its Springer site

    Available from Amazon

    Also enjoy nice "ARW in pictures" - the participants "participate" on the Dnepr ship... :-)))
    ARW ship    ARW

  • Habilitation Thesis:
    Defended on June 29, 1999 at the Bogolyubov Institute of Theoretical Physics, Kiev, Ukraine

  • Sites made and
    maintained by Steven Duplij

    Oleg Tretyakov
    Anatolij Klimov technical inventions
    Elena Oleynikova classical guitar
    AENA belly dance duet

    Memorial sites:

    Dmitrij Vasilievich Volkov discoverer of supersymmetry and supergravity in nonlinear realization, parastatistics, supertiwistors, doubly supersymmetric approach, generalized action principle
    Vyacheslav Soroka discoverer of supergravity, tensor extensions of the (super) Poincare algebra, odd generalizations of Poisson, Nambu and Schouten-Nijenhuis brackets
    Leonid Vaksman quantum groups, quantum domains, harmonic analysis, representation theory
    Alexander Kapustnikov supersymmetry and supergravity, nonlinear realizations, superbranes
    Władysław Marcinek quantum statistics, categories, supermanifolds, quantum groups
    Alexander Budyansky plasma physics, electronics
    Jerzy Kondracki classical guitar

    Other interests

    Literary Site

    WebLitPoeSci (registered) Journal "POEPHYSICS"
    Submissions in RusEngDeuFraSpa are welcome: Steven.A.Duplij@univer.kharkov.ua
    The short prose POEPHYSICS PDF (my credo)

    Poems in Russian

    on stihi.ru

    and in English (autotranslation by Google and Yandex)

    Emotional short stories in Russian

    on proza.ru

    Poetry audio - MP3 album
    "SUPERMANIFOLD OF LIFE" (1988-2004)

    In English: read by Tatiana Kudryashova In Russian: read by Alexander Vinogradsky


    Bilingual poetry book in English and Russian

    In Cry - V krik

    Published by Mitetz, Kharkov, Ukraine
    1999, 72 pages

    Poetry video on youtube - "ALIEN" read by Steven Duplij

    Book 2019 of poems and mini-prose in Russian

    Poems and mini-prose in Russian

    April 2019

    Published by Central West Publishing, Australia
    232 pages.

    Available on amazon.com, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.co.uk, amazon.es ...

    Bilingual book 2012 of poetry in Russian and English

    Dash-Dotted (Triumph-Despair)

    August 2012

    Published by Trilingual Press, Cambridge MA, USA
    346 pages.

    Available on amazon.com, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.co.uk, amazon.es ...

    Book 2014 of passionate poems and short prose in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian and Spanish with scientific imagery

    Multilingual poems and short prose

    April 2014

    Published by Trilingual Press, Cambridge MA, USA
    222 pages.

    Available on amazon.com, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.co.uk, amazon.es ...

    Music Site (old)

    All albums

    Songs to the guitar in Russian and English
    words,melody,vocals,guitars by Steven Duplij
    (for better understanding and feeling use headphones)

    BLITZ (1996)    MOTIFS of YEARS (1995)    NEW YORK (1994)

    ANGEL (1997 preliminary)


    TV Programs


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    University of Münster
    Einsteinstr. 62
    D-48149 Münster


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